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Testing & Evaluation

A comprehensive range of testing and evaluation services covering chemical analysis, mechanical, non-destructive and magnetic testing are rendered by Midhani. These include X-Ray, Atomic Absorption, Optical Emission & Ultra-voilet visible Spectrometry and gas analysis. Creep & Fatigue testing, Fracture toughness evaluation, Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, Magnetic, Dye-Penetrant, Radiography Hysteresis graph, Core Loss testing etc are also carried out

Sophisticated services dedicated to testing and evaluation of aeronautical materials and components are also offered by Midhani. Mechanical testing services include Tensile & Compressive Testing at ambient, elevated and cryogenic temperatures, low cycle fatigue testing upto 1000° C, Stress Rupture Testing and Creep Strain Determination upto 1050° C, Rotating Bending Fatigue Test at ambient and elevated temperatures, Plain Strain Fracture Toughness (K1C) & J1C Testing, measurement of Fatigue Crack Propogation Rates, Impact and Hardness Testing
Metallography services include specimen preparation, Optical Microscopy, In-situ Metallography, Phase analysis by Microhardness testing. Chemical compositional analysis is carried out using X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, semi-quantitative analysis using Mobile Optical Emission Spectrometry. Other services include Electro discharge machining for sample blank extraction, Chevron Notch making, CNC machning and dimensional metrology. Testing facilites are available for various organisation.

List of Testing Facilities & Contact Person Details

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